Welcome to WSPIA

Welcome to the Wooded Shores Property Improvement Association, a not-for-profit homeowners association originally chartered in 1945 under the Illinois Not-for-Profit Act as the Wooded Shores Property Owners Association. We are located on the southeast shoreline of beautiful Wonder Lake.


About Wooded Shores

The Wooded Shores Subdivision is incorporated into the Village of Wonder Lake, villageofwonderlake.org. We are located on the east side of our private Lake, The subdivision is approximately one mile north of State Route 120 off of east Wonder Lake Road in McHenry County, Illinois.
We are a well established, small residential subdivision, platted in 1935 by Grover Wickline, one of the early developers of the residential areas that surround Wonder Lake. The outstanding features of our subdivision include mature ash, hickory, oak and walnut trees and a private beach, park, pier and boat ramp located on the east shore of Wonder Lake. The Wooded Shores Property Improvement Association, Inc was first registered with the State of Illinois as a not-for-profit corporation in 1945.

Every property in our subdivision has deeded access to the lake, a private 830 acre recreational reservoir created in 1929 by the construction of a dam across the Nippersink Creek, nippersink.org. The Lake is managed by the Master Property Owners Association, Inc., wlmpoa.org. Nippersink Creek is the largest tributary to the Fox River and one of the few remaining high quality streams in IL.

The Wooded Shores subdivision was annexed following the 2002 annexation of the lake into the Village of Wonder Lake. The annexation has enabled us to develop a road reconstruction program for the 2 miles of road right of way.

Special Report to All Members

It has come to the attention of the WSPIA Board of Directors that either Mr. Thomas P. Mathews or his agent distributed 17 pages of documents to the membership the Saturday before the Annual meeting that was held on Sunday, March 4, 2018. Most if not all of the information contained therein was false and misleading.
Mr. Mathews failed to advise that the 22nd Judicial Court of McHenry County ruled in favor of your subdivision. Read Spring Newsletter.

Mr. Mathews was required by the courts to reimburse the Wooded Shores Property Improvement Association more than $22,000 in fees incurred in defending its actions. In an effort to provide the Wooded Shores Subdivision property owners/members with all of the facts pertaining to Mr. Mathews “allegations”, please read the complete Judgement And Order signed by Judge Michael T. Caldwell of the Circuit Court of the 22nd Judicial Circuit, McHenry County-Woodstock, Illinois on August 30, 2010. 


Reminders: Beach Cleanup is scheduled TBA at 10:00 AM followed by picnic. Bring dish to pass. Rain date is TBA

The Wooded Shores Property Improvement Association meets the first Tuesday of each month, at 7:30 PM at the MPOA office. Scheduled meetings of the Wooded Shores Board are as follows;  Other dates TBA. For more information, please contact Dick Hilton, Secretary/Treasurer, 815-653-3912, or email the Wooded Shores Property Improvement Association.

Other Community Events:
Community Garage Sale - No Permit Needed. 2019 dates are May 16-18, and during this summer, August 1-3rd, from 9AM-5PM

• Beach Clean-Up - Usually Held in Spring, watch for annual newsletter- See Beach News

• Annual WSPIA Convention - March 1st, 2020, 1:00 PM at the MPOA Meeting Room, 7602 Hancock Drive, Wonder Lake, IL, all homeowners dues must be current to vote

Homeowner Dues
Every homeowner receives a dues notice at the beginning of each year. Dues are owed by March 15th.

Your dues helps to pay for street lights, beach maintenance and repair, liability insurance for all subdivision property owners and general subdivision upkeep.  To find out more information, or if you have never paid your dues, or have not received your notice, please contact:

Dick Hilton, Secretary/Treasurer, Wooded Shores Property Improvement Association,
Email or by phone at 815-653-3912.

All dues must be current before you can sell your property.

Beach News

Beach Commissioners: Steve & Diane Bittner can be reached at 847-525-2071 between 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM

The beach is open to ALL property owners in Wooded Shores, St. Francis Heights, and Oakwood Shores.

The Wooded Shores Park and Beach SPRING clean-up TBA, 10am. A picnic will follow the clean up. Bring a dish to pass if you plan to participate. TBA rain date.
The Wooded Shores Park and Beach FALL clean-up TBA, 10am *

Work Incentive Discount (WID)
A discount will be available to those who wish to "cash in" on it. There are two major beach cleanup dates every year, spring and fall. You can earn a credit up to 4 hours during each beach cleaning event. 4 hour credit  earns a $25 credit off of next's years key or pier fee. An 8 hour credit (four hours at each cleaning event) will earn a credit of $50. All credits earned must be used the next year or they will be forfeited.

If you bring your pets down to the lakefront, please keep them out of the swimming beach area.

Piers, Keys & Guest Passes

When it's boating season, it's time to allocate pier space. The boat ramp is available to all holders of MPOA passes.

Guest Passes
A guest pass/key combo is good for 72 hours and requires a $30 deposit with a refund of $10 when the key is returned. A guest pass without key is a $20 charge. Contact the MPOA Office to receive a guest pass.

Current Fees
Key and pier space is $50 per pier, and $25 per key. All keys from last year must be returned, or you lose your $10 deposit, and will have to pay a new deposit fee. The locks at the boat ramp and access road gate are all keyed the same.


Those who were assigned pier space last year, will have first choice of that pier space this year. There are still pier spaces available, if a resident is interested, please contact us as soon as possible. All Association dues must be paid in advance, and in full, to receive pier or key. Residents must show proof of MPOA watercraft sticker with yearly application.

Board and Minutes

Current Board Members
President: Quentin Lindsey, 7806 Wooded Shore Drive,  (815) 728-0902
Vice-President: Bruce Hanson, 3222 E. Lake Shore Drive,  (815) 728-8809
Secretary-Treasurer: Richard A. Hilton, 3237 E. Lake Shore Drive,  (815) 653-3912

Director: Stephen Bittner, 3201 E. Lake Shore Drive,  (847) 525-2071
Director: John Thome, N/A
Director: Brian Sterl, 3201 Greenleaf Drive,  (815) 653-0797
Director: Forrest Thomson, 3208 E. Lake Shore Drive,
Director: Anita Johnson, 7614 Wooded Shore Drive,
Alternate Director: Marrisa Denna
MPOA Delegate: Dick Hilton, (815) 653-3912


Scroll to see all Board Meeting Minutes

Annual Meeting

Annual Homeowners Meeting: First Sunday in March at the MPOA office
(March 1st, 2020, 1:00 PM at the MPOA Meeting Room, 7602 Hancock Drive, Wonder Lake, IL)
Annual Meeting Minutes 2017

Any member who wishes to run for the open positions must notify the Secretary no later than February 20, 2020. Please mail your request to the address shown below or call the number listed below.

WSPIA, P.O. BOX 37, Wonder Lake IL 60097

If you have a particular concern you would like addressed, please contact Dick Hilton, 815.653.3912 to have it included on the agenda. If you get an answering machine, please leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible. There will be a sign-up sheet available at the meeting for additional items you may want to be discussed. If you are interested in being involved but do not wish to make the commitment of being a board member, there are various committees that need your support. Please let us know if you are interested.

Absentee Ballot Instructions
if you are unable to attend the meeting, official absentee ballots re only available by contacting the following people: Dick & Nancy Hilton, 815.653.3912, or Bruce & Cindy Hanson, (815) 728-8809.

If you get an answering machine, please leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible. Absentee ballots will be accepted only if returned by mail before the start of the meeting. Any ballot not received in the mail by TBA, will not be considered valid.

If you are not current with your Association dues, you cannot vote. Only official ballots will be accepted. You may only request a ballot for yourself. Any absentee ballot not received according to the following directions, will not be considered valid.

Voting Directions

Call one of the people listed above for an official ballot. Put the ballot in the supplied envelope and seal it. Do not write on the envelope. Put the ballot envelope into a second envelope with your name, and address showing on the outside. Your name and addresson the return envelope will verify that you are voting your own ballot in secret.

Mail to: WSPIA, P.O. BOX 37, Wonder Lake IL 60097


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